Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It Was Time To Take A Trip

With our propane cylinders running low on fuel it was time to take a trip to Yuma. In Yuma propane is $1.69 while dealers in California are asking $2.75 for a gallon. And our van needed a refill of gas as well. So off we went.

While I was doing the driving Bea took a few shots of the surroundings. The Imperial Dunes have always been a fascinating landscape to me. And when there are a few clouds around like there was today it makes for an even nicer drive. The dunes are approx. 45 miles long and and 6 miles wide and extend into Mexico. They are mostly used as a recreation area by ATV enthusiasts .

And here are the pics. Enjoy!



1-DSC_0199       1-DSC_0186

    Thanks for starting the week with us!


  1. We've lived in that area a few times... I love seeing the trains roll past. We always count the engines... on both ends. Nice photos!

  2. Amazing where one can find sand dunes! Sand Mountain, 25 miles east of Fallon, Nevada on U.S. 50; Crescent Dunes just north of Tonopah, Nevada; White Sands in New Mexico...I'm sure there's more. Those are some we've seen in our travels in the last year.

  3. Just love the Imperial dunes.
    We have camped there a couple times, and enjoy some fun times exploring the dunes with friends in their dune ready jeeps.

  4. I agree with you that the Imperial Dunes are awesome. With their location right off the freeway you can even get a peak at all the activity on those dunes. Definitely ... awesome! Have you checked out Glamis? Those are pretty amazing too.

  5. Great pics of your drive - the Imperial Dunes are spectacular.

  6. Thanks for letting me ride along on your little trip. Love the Imperial Dunes

  7. I also love the Dunes. Disgusting though the huge difference in propane prices !!


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