Sunday, February 24, 2013

And We Had Yet Another Party

Today we had a nice breeze from the south and after weeks and weeks of northerly winds it felt just right. The air had this southern touch which I like so much out here in the desert.
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And with the sun shining out of a deep blue sky it was just the right weather for having another party.
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Al and Marie had invited to their place for a potluck supper. Shortly after 3pm the first cars were passing us by on their way to Al’s place. When we arrived with a home-made chili, close to 60 people had gathered around a burning bonfire.
We had been advised that women should wear the men’s hats and the men’s the women’s. So needless to say it was a rather funny looking crowd.

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Of course, the food was ….simply overwhelming even though I did spend most of the time eating desserts. I am a dessert-guy – always been and always will be. When I was a boy I had made up my mind that I would only live of desserts once I had my own place. :-) LOL.
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Once the food was eaten, Al took his guitar and entertained the crowd with many known old-time songs. Of course, we know most of these songs, but what does that matter – we sure like to hear them again.
Finally the sun went down and some people started leaving, but the party went on until long after dark.

It sure was this season’s last big party. Already I have heard the hum of going home. It seems most people live their lives in the future – making plans.

It’s just human.

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  1. Nothing like a big party to wind up you great winter season in the south. Looks like everybody had a great time too.

  2. You have really become two party animals. It's just one big party after another. The good thing is that you're enjoying yourselves. That's what counts most.

  3. Never a dull moment there at Holtville ! Must be glad you had the party yesterday and not today 'cause I'm sure you guys must be getting the same winds that we are here in the Winterhaven area !

  4. Wow! great turnout for the party, looked like lot's of fun music and all.

  5. Ah, a man after our own hearts. Desserts!


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