Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Morning America, How Are You….

Yippeee…..  It’s February 14 and Valentines Day. The preparations at “SNOOPY’S” have been underway since the early morning hours. Tents have been raised, tables been set up and a blue tarp has been stretched out on the sand – the dancing floor.
1-DSC_0240 1-DSC_0250-001
    “AL & Carlos”
1-DSC_0241 1-DSC_0244
                                                                          The umbrella-march

The annual Valentine’s Party at the Hot Springs is popular and about 100 people from camp are expected. Preparations are not limited to preparing the grounds, but extend into just about every RV, as many desserts have to be prepared for this afternoon. Valentine is prime time for every sweet tooth in the desert. Bea has made a coupla plates of cookies adorned with pink frosting.
And as you can see on the pics here, there’s been made a large variety of cookies, cakes and desserts.
1-DSC_0233 1-DSC_0232  Dessert Heaven…. 1-DSC_0231-001

Of course it’s not only a dessert party, but we are also being entertained.
Al, Carlos and Steve have been rehearsing and another couple, Pepe and Sue, have come from Yuma to contribute with their music. 
1-DSC_0246 1-DSC_0247
Taking pictures…so important

The weather is nice too, not too hot with that light breeze out of the north-west.
1-DSC_0261 1-DSC_0278
 The dance floor                                                  What’s Al saying…?

A couple tells me that they have been visiting
Campobello Island and loved it out there. Where travelers go travelers meet with each other.
1-DSC_0274 1-DSC_0243
Dancing with Teddy…                                                   “Snoopy”…our party organizer

The good company we enjoy out here is what makes this place so special.



  1. Looks like you had a great get together and Valentine's Day party. All those sweets certainly could get someone high on sugar. I'm glad Terry didn't know it was happening ... sugar is his weakness.

  2. Holy Smokes ! You guys sure know how to throw a party !! Almost made it out your way today - good thing I didn't with all those crowds of people. LOL

  3. So much fun , roughing it out there in the desert with a great bunch of rvers'.
    An amazing feast of deserts thats for sure.

  4. And people think living the RV lifestyle means roughing it. They just have no idea how wrong they are. Those desserts look so good. Glad you and your bride had such a wonderful day.

  5. Looked like a great Valentines day for you both. Glad you had fun.

  6. What a neat party. Looks like a ton of fun.

  7. what a great party ~~~that was sure one mega sugar high....glad you had a great day!!!


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