Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can You Spell C.A.R.R.O.T. ?

The 66th. annual Holtville Carrot Festival
In February everything is about carrots. At least here in Holtville,CA. And what would a festival be without a real street parade? The Carrot  parade started at 10.00am and lasted for well 90 minutes. Even though I had seen this parade in previous years it was a lot of fun watching it again. And of course there’s always something new.
Nice public turn-out
 1-DSC_0074 1-DSC_0075
Even a water fountain was installed here.

The reason for having a carrot festival are that all the carrot growers are getting close to the harvest of their carrots. And that should be reason enough to have festival about it.
Now, this Harley-Parade would be something for Sassy-Rider.

I arrive shortly after 9.30am and find myself a spot along Main Street.
It’s a bright sunny day. Yesterday’s wind had almost subsided, (it was actually quiet last night) but it did pick up some speed again during the morning hours
and now a cold wind is chasing down the main drag. Just about everybody is dressed in jackets – except me of course. I’m a snowbird and I am in a short sleeves shirt.
1-DSC_0135 1-DSC_0085
                                                  Oops…look at those girlies

Soon I discover that the guy to my right has a tiny Chihuahua on a leash.
The dog is looking at me as if to say “won’t you come play with me?” But my main attention is soon directed to the oncoming parade.

1-DSC_0089 1-DSC_0095
1-DSC_0098 1-DSC_0099
1-DSC_0105 1-DSC_0136
1-DSC_0167 1-DSC_0131
I always love to see the old cars in parades. Not all of them show their original design. Many have turned into some fantasy machines. The biggest marching bands are from El Centro and Calexico. They impress by their sheer numbers, shiny costumes and their drill.
1-DSC_0164 1-DSC_0160
Next thing I know a couple (Snowbirds?) run across the street and position themselves on my left side. They also have a dog. Some sort of Pu-Shizu-Fricee. Anyway that Chihuahua on my right side is starting to go ballistic. It’s hanging on the end of its leash, yapping, beeping and whining. Whenever I look at it starts on a lap- jump but the leash is too short and it falls back. The people on my left are starting to give leash to their dog. It finds a way under my legs to get closer to the Chihuahua. There it sits only inches from the little Chihuahua.
The owner, a woman apologizes to me for the nuisance, but I wave her off. We have a dog ourselves. No sweat!
The parade is moving slowly. Float after float, marching band after marching band is getting past me. I have a few people sitting in front of me, so every time I want to take a picture I have to step forward, kinda bending over their heads to get a good shot.

1-DSC_0155    1-DSC_0155-001 
                                                         Carrots, carrots…everywhere

Good thing I took a little chair with me.

Next year YOU need to be here. There’s hundreds of carrot recipes, you can try.
Oh, and bring a chair!


  1. how neat..did they serve carrot cake anywhere while you were there? We were to the sour orange festival today...

  2. Oh, how fun! Who would have thought there would be a carrot festival. However, even though we might not have thought of it, it sure looks like lots of fun. At least it looks like you sure enjoyed your day.

  3. You two find the best venues! We are jealous. We went to Yuma today and of course the lettuce festival is long gone....

  4. They really do up some fancy floats for this parade. Loved the old cars. Lots of people going to parades lately. Must be that time of year. We got your wind and rain and cold weather yesterday. Enough. Please send us some sunshine.

  5. What fun... everybody loves a parade! I'd love to hear the mariachis.

  6. All the time we have been there always missed the parade our timing was out maybe next year!
    Thanks for tour.

  7. I can see 1. We need to do the Carrot Festival.
    2. I need you to give me blogging lessons.

    Very good.

  8. That sure looks like a fun way to spend the day.

  9. I Love a parade and this certainly looks like it was a fun one.

  10. I always love a good parade, but I've never seen a carrot themed parade. Fun!

  11. First of all LOVE the new header photo. And YES I would definitely have loved to ride with the Harleys in the Parade. They sure do put on a good Parade.

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