Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eight More Days Or One Month

It happens every year and I hate the thought of it. Our stay down south is nearing it’s end. We have eight days to the end of February or just one month to our departure. But then I comfort myself with the fact that the day temps will have risen to pretty much unbearable levels. I really don’t like to be in a sweat lodge all day, and that’s what it will be when temps are crawling towards 90F.

This winter has been on the cool side though and who knows, it might even stay that way. Right now we have quite a storm rushing in from the north-west.
That little rain last night hardly left any puddles around and the rest of the humidity will be gone with the wind by tonight.
That’s life in the desert!

Had me a dip in the hot pool today. A guy was sitting beside me and chatting along with another guy in the other pool. He was rambling on about the American wars for Independence and let me tell you his stories let your imagination run wild.
But as he was rambling on it became too much for me and I had to get out of there. This guy was a history book!
We are mostly spending the day inside the rig. The sun is on and off but the wind is soooo cold that nobody is staying outside. Molly is sleeping on the couch (where else eh?) and I can’t wait to have lunch.

We have had problems with our BEAMSPEED Internet connection today. making a call via SKYPE was all but impossible. After I ran a speed test the ping was down to the sixties and download often under 1mbs while upload was mostly between 0.1-0.2mbs. That is not enough capacity to use SKYPE. Now we are wondering whether the service provider has problems with his allocated bandwidth (too many users out there) or whether we should blame the high wind speeds. To compare we turned on our Verizon MIFI and the speeds were showing over 2mbs download and about 0.6mbs upload – a huge difference. So in the future we will just turn on the MIFI for the day when we want to make phone calls. And I’ll have to talk to the BEAMSPEED guys.

Remember I was wondering about those rock piles long I-8 in the San Diego Mountains?  Well a reader send me this explanation: (quite astounding)

The big boulders ...
... aren't boulders. They're a few huge masses of rock that solidified underground and are now being pushed upward and exposed by erosion. They're made of relatively soft stone, so they crack. The weather works at the cracks and rounds them off. That's why it looks like a pile of boulders. And yes, every once in a blue moon one of those masses gets loosened and rolls downhill. Unfortunate houses downhill may suffer. Welcome to geo-dynamic California. :-D


How nice to know! Thank you “Unknown”.

And now I need to whip up some lunch. Hmm… let’s see what we got….

Thanks for hanging in here!


  1. Yeas winter is winding down, make the best of the remaining days.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. The winter has gone so fast! We are having a wonderful time in Florida (currently in Sunshine Key) and cannot bear the thought of starting the slow trip home beginning in March. That is just around the corner! But then next winter is not that far away.

  3. Snow in Benson and snow on the mountains all around Lake Havasu City.

  4. Snow in Q as well as a bit of sleet then hail, rain and wind. We are outta here tomorrow! Those boulders terrified me as I would look up at them....Yikes!

  5. Is it just me or was this Winter not as warm as previous years ??

  6. Winter vacations ending can be depressing alright but we've still got 7 weeks to go so I try to put the thoughts out of my mind. The winds are quiet here in Desert Hot Springs this morning so it looks to be a beautiful day - hope it's he same over your way.

  7. Time goes so fast when you want it to slow down. It goes slow when you want it to hurry up. It seems to be it has flown by.


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