Saturday, November 3, 2012

What A Mess And Oh We Forgot The Camera

Is this ever going to work out? We are hustling through the house, picking up things here and there and dropping it off at “The Pile” in the kitchen. “Did you remember where we put the charger for the MIFI gadget"? I have to ask Bea.
1-Copy of DSC_0146
Things are coming together from the basement to the loft. Some are ending up in the garage where I use the huge trunk of the LTD for storage, and some are already placed in the van.
After a while Bea puts a bag containing all kind of chargers on the table. She’s holding up a little black thing with a wire on it. The MIFI-charger! Good grief…

The van itself got serviced and received the annual sticker yesterday. Mind you the light for the license plate wasn’t working. Trying to take off the cover proves impossible as the screws won’t move. I promise to spray the unit with WD-40, and the guy gives me a tiny little bulb which I put into my wallet.
The kitchen unit for the van is finished and mounted into place. Still looking for a solution for a small not-in-the-way table.
When I look into my workshop I feel that it turned into a mess there too. Gotta make some order there today.

1-DSC_0147 1-DSC_0148

The last days of packing got ourselves exhausted. We are sooo looking forward to the more relaxed pace on a big open highway of the glorious west.
Despite the weather forecast which predicted sun, it has been raining on and off. hopefully it will stay dry today.

A neighbour had called yesterday inviting us out for a music session of the good ole style. She comes by at 6.45pm to pick us up. Drive across the border and way out into the dark boonies of Maine to find a community hall seemingly filled up with locals. A two-man-band has set up in a corner playing the old hits of the seventies.

I am surprised to see so many young people there. Is it the fact that it is the Pizza Night which brought them over? I know most youngsters would run away hearing those old songs. We are met by a long line of people, plates in hand, standing right up to the door. After giving a donation at the door, we join them. Pizza is good and I get myself a glass of healthy COKE with it.
Snaking our way between the tables we settle down at a round table in the back. Other people join us – young people, chattering away about this and that. I can’t understand what they are talking about as the music drones out all other noise. One young lady though manages to communicate that she is working for schools teaching kids about gardening and how to live on a healthy diet. She is drinking water. I’m looking at my coke. ;-(

Not knowing what she is doing, I would have thought she was just a high school girl. She sure looks like a kid herself, but that’s probably because we are getting so darn old. Anyway, what she’s doing is a very valuable thing as many kids don’t eat healthy and get sick later in life.

Another, more mature lady wearing a home-knit scarf, tells us that she is living off the grid. ONE solar panel has kept her with power all year round. Solar panels? Bea tells her about us having solar panels for the RV. Something to talk about! And just like us being on the road, she has to use the laundromat for washing and I bet she doesn’t heat her house the electrical way. Makes all sense of the world.
I’d love to cut those electrical wires to our house…

Bea is leaning over to me: “We shoulda brought the camera”. OF COURSE, how could I forget the camera.

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  1. It's enough of a challenge just to move from one RV to another, but in your case you've had a couple extra steps involved.
    You'll get there.

  2. It's always difficult when moving from one location to another no matter how close or how far.

  3. I had bought a new jar of natural peanut butter & a tub of honey to bring along. They are both still home in the cupboard right where I wouldn't forget them. Always kinda nice to be excited in a frenzied sort of way. Sure is a nice feeling to finally be out on the road headed somewhere again....especially the great South-West:))


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