Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Barnacles Of Age

When skin cancer hits it is a very serious matter, and because that is so, we had a trip to Saint John today. It is also the reason why we are leaving for the south this late as Bea had a date with a known dermatologist.
Her appointment wasn’t before the afternoon so there was plenty time to run a few errands and then we still had plenty time to sit in the car and read a book. Well, I was reading the most as Bea disappeared in the holy halls where doctors and nurses rule. This Regional Hospital is the biggest I have ever seen. It looks like a fortified castle from the middle ages without the water ditch surrounding it. Well, I don’t know whether you are familiar with what middle-age European castles look like. Maybe you should just think DRACULA.

That impression will stand until you get inside. From that very moment your thinking will go to NEWARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT with the various counters and offices representing the airlines. There is even a check-in, though they “forgot” the baggage conveyor.

1-DSC_0176The speakers are announcing this doctor or that nurse has to come to this office or that, and, looking outside, the ground transportation is lined up under the canopy. Parking is regulated by driving past an automated entrance which spits out parking tickets by the hundreds. Likewise parking lots are filled up in central areas, though in the back there might still be a chance.

Well, I had a Grisham book to read so time was passing fast. When Bea plopped back in the car she wore a big smile on her face. The doc’s diagnosis was that she had a few harmless “Barnacles of old age” and that was it.

We drove home and a light feeling had spread throughout the car.
Coming to St.Stephen we dropped in at the upholstery shop where we had ordered the cushions a.k.a mattress for our “Class B” Camper. We barely got the cushions inside the Jeep and Molly was on top of it stretching out leisurely.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to post a picture of the van interior.

                                         Thanks for being with us again!



  1. That is the kind of news we would all like to hear from the Doc. I have a bunch of barnacles already:)

  2. sure glad to hear it wasn't anything serious !

  3. So glad you had good news - we can live with 'barnacles'!
    Waiting to see the interior photos!

  4. Good News! I shall add barnacles to other signs of age along with wrinkles, failing eyesight and aching bodies. Not necessarily pleasant but badges of courage and survival. Celebrate!

  5. Good news on the health front always makes for a better read. Have fun with those new cushions.

  6. Always terrific to get good news from the doctor.


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