Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back To Winter (Standard) Time

Boy, I thought I had a bad dream when I woke up. Everything was still dark around me, not a sound from neither Molly or Bea. Looking at my watch it read 6.00am. Can’t be, I thought and then I remembered the time change. Darn it was 5.00am only. I turned around, slept for another hour and a half, until I thought of coffee. It was still dark outside, but it could be nice to sit downstairs, with a fresh coffee and do some computing.
So I got up.

Bea came about an hour later, a cup of coffee in her hands.
1-DSC_0158                       Pictures above are taken yesterday at Herring Cove Beach

Outside, a cold northerly wind had transformed the wonderful previous day into something cold and unpleasant. Not that it was raining or anything, but there was a taste of….winter? Brown leaves were blowing across the lawn, rustled outside of the door.
Good to have a fresh hot coffee. I was thinking of next Sunday. We would be up early getting the last things into the van, shutting of the water and filling antifreeze into the sinks and p-traps. Then we would be heading across the bridge and into Maine. South…south…south!

In the afternoon, we made curtains for the van. I found a way to fasten them without having to drill ugly holes. So we measured and cut and measured and cut again. Tomorrow Bea will drag down her sewing machine.

Later during the afternoon we looked at vintage travel trailers on the internet. Some of them are lovingly restored and would cost you a fortune to purchase. Being a person with comfy memories of the 50ies and 60ies, I would love to camp out in one of these. But…we just purchased an up-to-date model so we gotto be happy with that.

Have a great week and stay out of trouble!

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