Thursday, November 29, 2012

I’m That Kind Of Guy

I’m getting advice to go slow in the process of recovery after a bad cold. Thank You!

BUT holding me back when I’m feeling good is like trying to stop a freight train with a stick on the tracks. Nah…can’t really do that. I know, I know some times I have to pay the price.

There were things to do today and I was determined to get it done.
Before I launch into today’s program I need to tell you something. We have good friends in Canada who used to be down here in the desert with us. Well, one of them got ill and they can’t come down for a while, so they asked us to sell their motorhome and most of their belongings. And that was what we started today.
Got the motorhome out of the storage, washed it and brought it into camp.
Went through a lot of stuff and even began to sell things. Of course it’s a sad task, but somebody has to do it, and since I felt so good today I couldn’t restrain myself.

Oh, and I was up at 5.15am, but there was an entirely different reason. I hoped to see a penumbral moon eclipse, meaning the slight and partial darkening of the moon when it moves into the shadow (umbra) of the earth. I’m pretty sure Al from the
Bayfield Bunch can tell you all about the phenomenon.
Anyway, either I was up too late or the slight cloud layer we had early this morning obscured the view. The only sensible picture I got was before the moon-set. And it was quite beautiful to watch.
Since I have been squandering a lot of time by watching a movie tonight, I’m really running out of time. So this will be it for today.

Keep it between the ditches!


  1. Watching a movie! Sounds like fun for a change.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. It's never fun to be sick. Good luck in selling the motorhome. Hopefully, it'll go fast for your friend.

  3. so sorry to hear about your friend's illness...hope it moves fast for them...glad your feeling more like your old self :)

  4. Men!!! Jim's the same way - keeping him under control while he heals is almost impossible. But it's a wonderful thing that you're feeling so much better. Fingers crossed that the MH sells quickly for your friend. Not a fun thing but a necessity at some point.

  5. A good sign that you feel better, when you get up early to take a picture of the moon:)

  6. Great shot of the Moon! Glad you're starting to feel a bit better.

  7. "Keep it between the ditches" hahahaha


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