Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Caught A Cold…I Think

I wonder whether it was the anticlimax or simply something I picked up underway. But this morning I woke with a sore throat. Not much to begin with, but it was bothersome, as I know where things like that are going. Throughout the afternoon, a small headache joined in and I feel fatigue throughout the body. I also seem to have a stiff neck this evening.

Not good!

Aside of that we had a wonderful day, the temps going to 82F (28C) which is a lot for a guy who’s just been coming down from the cold white north… and has caught a cold.

DSC_0582   DSC_0588
We have been spending most of the day in the shade of our rig. A few more friends arrived in camp and I finally caught up with the camp host to pay him the seasonal BLM-fee of $180. Most people we talk to have problems comprehending that this little fee is all we ever pay for camping the entire winter in southern California. And as a bonus this place even offers free hot showers and two hot tubs to get soaked in. We find that hard to beat.

We have to wait getting those solar panels from Phoenix. One of the buyers needs to get his monthly check in. But right after December 01 we should be going to pick them up in Phoenix.
So until then we have to run our little Honda, which is just puttering outside to keep the battery charged up. 

DSC_0584   DSC_0583
Bea has cleared up the interior of the trailer and did some picture-taking. What do you think of it?

I tried the new flat screen TV this evening, but the programs they offer are obviously made for idiots. There is extremely little in the way of interesting stuff out there. Political bickering we sure as heck have had enough of, the latest hard-core crimes along the Mexican border and some unfathomable silly sitcom soaps seems to be all our beloved media can come up with.

I’d rather go to bed trying to cure my cold. Bah….

Thanks for hanging in here!


  1. The trailer is beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person. But you take care of yourself and get well so you can enjoy that beautiful weather.

  2. the trailer is beautiful. Sorry to hear about your cold. I mut not have been paying attention. What town are you near in the Southern California Desert? I didn't know there was BLM land for camping in Southern CA. I think $180 is a great seasonal fee especially with two hot tubs.

    1. In the east mesa north of the I-8 near ramp (mile) 115 exit also called "Van der Linden". About 7 miles west of Holtville, CA.
      LTVA Hot Spring on 3050 Evan Hewes Hwy.

  3. Nice looking trailer I am sure you will enjoy it. Now get rid of that cold and all will be great!

  4. I think the trailer looks super nice!!! So, where in Phoenix do you get your solar panels? We've been going bck and forth on that but we're thinking we just might bite the bullet. Get well!!

  5. gorgeous trailer....looks very sorry you have the cold...that also happens to us when we go from cold to warm and vice versa..when we got home last April we were only home a couple of days and bang we were both sick...

  6. Our Doc recommends large doses of vitamin C and the Zinc supplement. It does seem to help a little.

  7. Nice. The trailer, that is. Not your head cold. Think it could be allergies? But maybe that wouldn't explain the headache. Hopefully it doesn't transmogrify into the flu...
    Better to have it there than back home.

  8. Love the layout of your new trailer.

    Sounds like you are going to be installing your solar panels yourself ??

    Get well soon !


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