Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Bad To Worse To…

Since nothing of any meaning was happening today I’ve gotta bore you with the story of how I spent the last night. Again I made my bed over the Dinette. Bea was probably fast asleep then. I tried to lure Molly outside, but all friendly whispering didn’t help. That dog didn’t move at all. So I went to bed.

I slept for a little while, that is until 2am when I woke drenched and with a violent cough. It was beyond anything I had ever experienced before and it took a good while before that was over. With my throat burning I finally slept again until approx.5am when the whole thing repeated itself. That was when Bea got out ready to spring into action. First I got from the nasty cough liquid, brrrrr….. then she made a hot Chamomile in a pot and with a towel over my head I had ti inhale the hot steam from the Chamomile. Even though it helped a great deal I was totally exhausted and felt absolutely terrible. Stayed in bed until after 7.30am when I had finally recovered a good deal. Bea had planned a visit to her Mexican dentist that morning but canceled out. I think she was really concerned about me being alone. Friends brought an antibiotic over and that really seemed to help a lot.

I spend the day more or less suspended between feeling good and knowing it wouldn’t last. Not a good feeling really.

I don’t know what it is that the symptoms of having a cold, (or is it the flu?) increases towards evening and night. It’s almost 8pm now and I can feel it creepin’ up on me again. Mercy my soul… I just want a good nights sleep!

Toni from “Palamine” has had a facebook chat with Bea. They are camped at Pilot Knob and if I somehow survive the coming days we might slip over for a visit on Saturday.

Thanks for hanging in.


  1. Hope you feel better very soon, the cold or flu are no fun!

  2. Well, here's hoping you get over that cold. It's absolutely no fun to be sick. Besides you need to be able to get outside and enjoy some of this nice weather.

  3. Sucks to have a cold. At least you can hunker down in the RV and not worry about getting up for *work*. That's a nasty word. Sorry.

  4. Keep working on it will get better soon.

  5. Peter, I had something similar a week before we left Canada...decided to go to the Dr. 1 day before leaving....just in case, as it was hanging on and could hear it in my chest...
    He said I was 2 days away from pneumonia ! Antibiotics worked....as well the pharmacist said best thing to take with the antibiotics is Musinex....

    Take care and was glad to read your neighbours had some antibiotics.

  6. wow feel better soon...keep an eye on your temp and make sure it doesn't get too high..sounds like you and Bea are doing all the right things treatment wise..hope you feel better real soon..its not fun for sure...maybe if you could get your hands on some antibiotics...I always travel with them just in case..good luck

  7. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  8. Couple of days behind reading your Blog but surprised that you are still feeling terrible. Sure hope by the time I read the next few posts you will have said you are all better now. Fingers crossed !!


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