Saturday, November 17, 2012

Does The Union Pacific Keep Going All Night?

From earlier journeys we knew about the railroad connecting San Diego with the east, and we also knew that rest areas along I-10 are exposed to the 20-minute-drive-by-tact of the train sets, (and there are always coming two, one from either direction) But being parked with the trailer just 30 yards from the tracks is like they are running through your RV. The question which we don’t know the answer to is “do they keep going all night?” Or can there be a chance for sleep just a tiny wee bit in the small hours?

It doesn’t help to be in an RV-Park either. Everything is close to those railroad tracks. We shut down today at about 4:30MT. yep, we have passed into yet another time zone, and it is not the last one either. Tomorrow we will arrive at our winter destination at the Hot Springs. Hope those folks are busy preparing the great Thanksgiving Dinner. My teeth are running in water already.
1-DSC_0470     1-DSC_0472
                              These guys were to be seen at Hatch

1-DSC_0473 It’s gonna be a long run tomorrow though. We still have over 500miles to cover, as we are just a bit west of Deming,NM.
Originally we had thought of going via I-40 and Flagstaff, but we just don’t like that cold area at almost 7000ft. Much warmer down here, Sir!

Had a great day of travelling today, no wind and after we were down to Albuquerque not much mountain climbing. From Hatch at I-25 we took Highway 26 which is a dream of a highway.  It is flat, keeps you on the same elevation until Deming and it is 30miles shorter than going via Las Cruces.
Not sure whether these solar panels were producing, abondaned or just not finished yet. But it was a huge area with panels.

Apropos shorter: We do short cuts to safe on fuel right? Right! Down at Hatch we met a guy with a big fiver. We had been in the same campground days earlier at Pratt,KS. While I was doing the RV-dumping, he came over to say hello. Over the course of our conversation it transpired that he was heading to Tucson to stay there all winter. He and his wife had made a change in their travel patterns as well. While they used to travel all over the States, they now intend to stay in the same place all winter. The reason of course are the increased  fuel prices. His diesel Ford F-350 is not cheap to run and we have only seen a very places where diesel was priced under $4.00/gal. Mostly it was significantly above the $4.00 mark. I am eternally grateful that we made the change from Diesel to Gas. The lowest gas we filled was $3.07/gal.

Today’s travel route

And that was that, as they say. have a great evening and see you tomorrow!
PS.: There hasn’t been a train for about 30 minutes now. That really makes me hope.


  1. Well, you've almost made it. Just think this will soon be behind you and Arizona's border in striking distance. Hopefully the trains aren't running anymore tonight and you'll have a good sleep.

  2. Just found your blog tonight. If you plan on staying near Demming longer you should go up the road toward Silver City to City of the Rocks State Park. Beautiful, interesting rock formations and no trains!

  3. glad to see your travelling along...hope you get some sleep...people who have been there forever probably don't even notice it...take care and travel safe :)

  4. Get a good nights sleep and a safe travel day tomorrow.


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