Friday, July 6, 2012

Still waiting for fireworks

The first week of July is the week where most fireworks go off. From Campobello we can watch three fireworks. On July 01 vi can see the fireworks on Deer Island, on July 04 the fireworks of Eastport and Lubec follow. But not this year. Right before the fireworks should go off a thick fog settled over the area. When there is fog nobody can see anything. So consequently, both fireworks on the Maine side were canceled. Well not canceled but postponed.
Eastport did theirs yesterday, while Lubec is gonna have it coming Sunday.
We were just coming home from Lubec yesterday evening when we noticed that Eastport had started the big show. So we came to a stop when we reached Friars Bay and parked there to follow the rest of the show. Of course, one can discuss whether a firework rectifies the use of the money, but it sure makes for a good tourist attraction and tourists were plentiful over the last week.

Eastport had a few great days and the visit of the USS “San Jacinto”. It is a long standing tradition that the city has naval ships coming in for the celebrations of Independence Day.
I had myself a fine ride with the Fat Lady today as I had to go to Eastport to distribute brochures. Weather was marvelous and the car was really riding nicely along. Returned by way of ferry via Deer Island. This is one of the highlights of the entire region. The waters were absolutely calm and from the railing we could observe seals swimming in the bay.


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