Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Thunderstorm with following fog

 The night was still quiet, but when I got up it was exceptionally dark, even though it was almost 7am. Clouds had moved in over night and made this morning the darkest so far this summer. And it didn’t take long until I heard thunder rolls in the distance. Even though the Thunderstorm didn’t really get close to us, (it lasted about 15 minutes) it sure opened the flood gates for a torrential rainfall. Molly got upset again because of the thunder and it always takes some time for her to calm down again.

After the rain subsided a woolly fog moved in, obscuring the view across the Passamaquoddy Bay.

I didn’t even drive the van down to the park, as it would be futile to wait for any interested sightseers to pop up today.

Studying the news, we talk about the horrible things that happen out in the world. The shooting in Colorado on the same day when a year ago a political villain shot and killed 77 people in Norway.

And what are Canadian Reactions on the latest Colorado shootings and the debate on gun control which is losing ground in the U.S.?

CBC had an article about it today and I am reposting a few of the (Canadian)comments here.

I truly do not understand these gun loving Americans. They still act like its the wild west and the gun fight at the OK Corral or something. When are they going to get civilized and stop this craziness.
We should not expect rational decisions from a society that believes universal health care is a communist conspiracy.
Can anyone tell me the last time a mass killer used a knife or baseball bat...good gracious me!

If you are living in a city with access to police within minutes, I don’t think you need a gun at all, but can still understand if someone wanted one, but like a pistol or rifle, not an automatic weapon. If you are living in a remote area where police access is very limited, I can definitely see the need for wanting a gun.
The key then is deciding which types of guns would be allowed to have, and clearly, automatic guns should not be allowed for the general public. Also, stricter controls for as to who can have a gun should be forced. Someone who has previous minor police charges should be looked at very closely and almost not given a gun. Even then though, it still doesn’t stop everyone, and there will always be instances of crazy people going nuts


And I guess that’s it in a nutshell even if we don’t go nuts like the last commenter says.

Have a peaceful day/evening altogether!


  1. Even though the police arrived within 60 seconds in Aurora it didn't much help those wounded and dead. That IS a pretty quick response time for police. I'm of the opinion that if one of those in the theater were armed you would have had less people hurt.

    1. It could have been yes, but the main underlying problem is the fact that the guy used an assault rifle, which he shouldn't have had in the first place. But it is way too easy to get your hands on such weapons in the U.S. Of course, one can't be sure that nobody would acquire such weapon through some unofficial sources, but the likelihood of that happening is much smaller.

    2. God forbid if ever I was in this situation I would want a better way to defend myself in those 60 seconds. I'm happy being an American that can defend myself with my gun and CCW. And by the way it was not that easy to purchase my pistol or my CCW to carry the thing. I have many times ignored signs saying "No guns allowed" in the theater. I think I will ignore them even more now.


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