Saturday, July 7, 2012

The great Heat

To say we have some hot weather might cause a smile on those people farther south of us, where temps have been lingering around the 100F and above.
But for us, not being used to temps in the eighties it still feels hot, especially when we get the high humidity of over 80. Thunder clouds have been popping up most unexpectantly and sudden rain showers were of the tropical kind, with lots of water and sunshine 30 minutes later.

The only place cool was directly at the waters edge as it almost works like a giant fridge with its temps around 48-50F.
Lupines have bloomed off and been replaced by fireweed, a sure sign that we have reached the height of summer.

When attending one of the “Summerkeys concerts” in Lubec on Wednesday I suddenly noticed that the beautiful church window right beside of me was glowing with a golden light. The reason was the setting sun. It was almost a sign from beyond. Most people didn’t notice it, but I had the NIKON right there.

DSC_0112-miThe concert was of a kind which didn’t cause me to listen too intently. Ever heard modern classic music? I think it is in fact a contradiction. “Classic” to me means music from a couple of centuries back. But I know that is not what music connoisseurs understand by it.

But these “Summerkeys concerts” have another big attraction. Normally it is served during intermission, but last Wednesday it was served after the concert as there was no intermission. The most delicious cookies and pastries were served, all hand-made by two ladies, and offered without charge.
Now, where can you go once a week to a free concert and on top of that get a delicious free treat? Only in Lubec, ME – I would think.

Had myself a little project in the motor home. The pantry cupboard used to be a pain in the butt when you wanted something which was stored way in the back. Also the shelves had a tendency to fall of the little plastic pins, the manufacturer had fastened to the side.
DSC_0117 DSC_0116
My idea was to rip out the shelves and the plastic pins and replace them with drawers we could extend to the full length, thereby having a full free overview of what was actually stored on the shelf.
For the purpose I had acquired the necessary hardware at a Home Depot store in Ellsworth. It was time to change it over.
I re-used the material from the shelves as bottoms for the drawers and made sides all around for it. The kinky part was to align the drawer slides absolutely parallel. That part is mainly tricky because of the fact that motor home manufacturers don’t seem to care about that things are mounted in level, or even symmetrical left to right.
But after a couple of hours I got it all together alright.

With the rising fuel costs (yes, they have gone up again over here) we have been thinking of how to cut the costs of traveling to the south. One way would be to sell our motor home and use our van for travel. When getting south we could buy a roomy travel trailer and leave that trailer in storage in the south over the summer. The times of traveling with a large RV within Canada are over for us anyway as Canadian fuel costs seem excessive.
We should try the marked for our motor home and see whether it will sell at a price we can live with.

And that would be all for today, have a great Sunday and thanks for having your eyes look at this blog.



  1. The new drawers in the pantry really look good. Good luck with selling the big RV. Fuel costs really do make a big dent in a budget. It certainly has restricted our moving around.

  2. The stained glass window is beautiful. How lucky that you have eyes to spot that kind of light. It is finally warming up here in western Oregon and we had temps near 90F today. That's HOT for us. Good luck with the motorhome.

  3. beautiful sunset photo today!!..and nice work on fixing the pantry!..I am sure that Beatrice is very happy with your handiwork!

  4. Fuel is expensive. I think the more it comes up the fewer you're going to see heading south.

    You are right. The heat in the northern states include humidity. It makes a huge difference. In Arizona it is a dry heat but even an oven is dry heat.

  5. Nice to see that you are having a heat wave, enjoy it. Good job with the pantry too.

  6. Have you thought of driving your motor home one last time down to the SW and parking it when you are ready to go back. Then either fly or take the Amtrak back to Campobello.


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