Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gone Fishing (Holy Mackerel!)

A friend and partner in business invited us to come along on his boat to take some video shots. He is one of two whale watch tour operators on Campobello. So at 6:00pm we were ready at the North Wharf for a new adventure.
We were going along the stunning rocky coast, which is only broken by a few small sandy beaches. Houses and small cabins were gliding by, the owners sitting outside in the warm sea air, waiting for one of the great sunsets we usually have out here. Finally we were reaching the northern part of Campobello and in the golden sun – there was the stately Head Harbour Light Station, perched majestically of the rocks, gleaming in the golden evening sun.
DSC_0089-mi                            The boat DSC_0177-mi                  Head Harbour Light Station
DSC_0150-mi DSC_0148-mi
DSC_0115-mi            Bald Eagle perched high DSC_0186-mi

Our shipper was standing at the wheel and just seemed to enjoy the scenery and the fact that his guests had a lot of fun. Bea saw a Minke Whale, but the animal disappeared again. Seals were lounging on the rocky outcrops of an uninhabited island, and were looking curiously at our boat. We were filming and taking still pics like never before.
On our return our shipper broke out the fishing rods. Soon most of us were holding a rod dipping and heaving away. It didn’t take many minutes, before the first one had 3 mackerels on the hooks. Over the following few minutes we caught at least 15 more fish. Alright, they were small and we let the smallest go back into the water, but at the end of the day we were looking at 8-9 nice-size fish which I could already see ending up in on our BBQ.
The sun was now way down and we were racing back to North Wharf. The boat is powered by a 130hk Honda outboarder which sure made this boat go faster than fast.

Back home I fired up the BBQ and put the fish right on. Meanwhile Bea was cooking carrots and potatoes, and even if this meal was taken somewhat late, we sure enjoyed the delicious fish and even have a nice portion left for tomorrow.
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  1. hope the fish was delicious!!!!..nothing like a fresh catch!

  2. Beautiful photos. Love that shot of the bald eagle. Always nice to have fish fresh from the ocean.

  3. That sounds like a really fun day!


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