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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can’t believe I really did it

Yesterday I drove the motor home down to the beach to take pictures of it.
This morning I assembled the pictures for an ad at the
Am I really offering our beloved motor home for sale?  Guess I am. If we don’t want to pay excessive fuel costs for the 3,500-mile stretch to California, then we have to be smart and find a solution.

Well, it is not sure that it actually will sell. And we sure won’t give it away.

I have been looking at travel trailers of the larger size. What I noticed is that many of them are equipped with bunk beds. They are made to accommodate a family with kids. We have no kids and nobody is really visiting us in the desert, so we are looking for the floor plan with a comfortable rear living room and equipped with all the goodies we are used to. We would have to get a trailer hitch mounted on the Chevy Van.

Over here we had another terrific day. The tourists are streaming across the bridge, hotels are getting booked and even we are getting customers.

Have a great middle day of the week and thanks for being curious.



  1. too bad you are selling your beloved motorhome..there is a buyer out there! with deep pockets..

  2. Love that picture of the surf.

    Good luck with your possible RV change.

  3. It will sell - remember ours did. And good news about getting customers. Love that picture. Wow.

  4. I can't believe you did it either! I agree with Sandie. There's a buyer out there someplace. The stress is not knowing when that buyer will show up. Love the picture and our fingers are crossed for you.

  5. Good luck with the sale...if it is meant to happen it will!

  6. I guess its time for a change, good luck with the sale.

  7. Great surf picture. Interesting decision to sell the MH - good luck and I hope you get some quick enquiries.

  8. We were seriously considering a change about a month ago as well. Thought about downsizing to a travel trailer but I wasn't crazy about having another pick-up truck to pull it. Anyway, we went around in circles trying to decide what to do & in the end decided to stay with our Motorhome & leave everything just the way it is for now. We'll maybe do something in the next year or two. That is a long haul you have from one side of the country to the other.

  9. Good luck with the sale. Takes a special kind of courage for a feller to sell the motorhome.
    Did you want to include a link to the webpage? Couldn't hurt.

  10. I agree with Bob. I am a first time visitor (came over from the Good Luck Duck) and I was thinking after reading this, "hhhhmmmmm.....wonder what KIND of motorhome?? But no time to go back and search the archives. So a link would be a good idea.

  11. Great sURL photo, good luck on the sale

  12. I wish you luck in the sale of your motorhome. You shouldn't have any problem since it is in such wonderful condition.


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