Friday, July 20, 2012

Boondocking Visitors

BOONDOCKERS WELCOME You might have seen this logo on the left menu of our blog. Well, today Leslie and Al from Rhode Island pulled in with their rig, a snuggly looking Mercedes Sprinter WESTFALIA Camper. 20ft short it didn’t cause any problems to get it leveled on our front lawn. Like us, they had signed up for the Boondockers welcome website, where campers get to exchange boondocking sites with each other. Trouble would be our motor home would hardly fit into Leslie’s an Al’s driveway in Rhode Island, but it might fit into someone’s driveway in Arizona or California.
It is a great idea for campers who want to save money. And on top they might make new friends, like we did with Leslie and Al.

DSC_0052We took them out to the Head Harbor Light Station and were lucky enough that it was low tide so we could walk across.

Had another beautiful day and could offer breakfast for two more beach walkers at Con Robinson Point. This little feature seems to gain popularity, and it doesn’t seem so strange given the beautiful spot and the nice weather.

Now, we are expecting more nice weather coming right down our alley and hopefully it will bring more business to our new venture.

Thanks for coming over here!



  1. I signed us up for The Boondockers also but we don't have any place for them to park. Nice to see that it is working the way it's supposed to. We also belong to Harvest Hosts. Have fun.

  2. I must sign us up we have lots of room here for sure..our problem is ensuring we are home enough to do it....

  3. A great way to meet fellow rv'ers, we used to have he space but no more. Have checked out this great website.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on RV Boondockers even though I probably won't ever use it. It seems like a great idea for folks who like this type of travel.

  5. We have had one couple from Boondockers Welcome and it worked out fine. Glad to hear you also had a positive experience.


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