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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A rainy Day

June 25

I guess it is just fair that we get a little rain from time to time. Parts of North Dakota are just about drowning in flood waters. The pictures we see from Minot are down right scary. Friends from North Dakota are writing us that the floods are just from rain, while the real snow melt hasn't even begun to affect the rivers. The Garrison Dam holding back the Sakakawea, is full and excess waters are now flooding down the Missouri River at the tune of 1.1million gallons per second!!
In Minot they expect another 9ft of rising waters.

So, looking out onto the grey Passamaquoddy Bay, I realize that we have nothing to complain about, even though the Bicentennial celebrations in Lubec,ME are not happening out in the open. Of course we do hope for a sunny day on July 1, Canada Day.

A rainy view into the yard

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