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Friday, June 3, 2011

June 03

Today I have the good news and the bad. The good is that Molly has recovered from her problems, whatever it was bothering her. The table-scrab-begging monster is back!! And Thanks be to God for that.

My foot is slowly getting better as well. I even did the morning walk with Molly today, though I probably shouldn’t have done that.

The bad news is our Internet situation. I just can’t see myself sitting in my car for hours every day in front of the public library to do my internet dealings. So I am declaring war against the telephone company Bell-Aliant.

The fact that they told me that they are out of capacity will have wide consequences for this newly incorporated island community.  It shall be very, very hard to attract new residents and new businesses if no high speed internet is available for new accounts.

Our MLA and local representatives will be informed about the situation.

I will start the day producing a number of informative documents for appropriate distribution. 

If nothing helps and no alternative solutions are coming to light, we will have to leave.

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