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Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11

We are exhausted!

It is going to 8am.  Bea is still in bed and obviously in a kind of comatose condition. I had my first coffee here by the window, but the thought of having breakfast is too much. The reason is (or was) the succulent supper we had yesterday at Evelyn's place. Boy these islanders can cook like gods. Have you ever tasted lobster soup with a lot of cream and butter in it? Delicious!!! Though, I didn't think much of the bowl of soup I started on, but, being half ways down, I noticed something. I noticed that this meal was too much for me.
And I haven't mentioned the Swedish meat balls in a rich tomato sauce and the rice with chicken. 

This is the second invitation in a row. One more to go today and then we take a break over Sunday. Wednesday WE will be the hosts as I have my birthday coming up.

If it wasn't for my foot I could use some hard work to get over all this eating. 

Oops, --- I am hearing steps from upstairs -- she is awake and just disappeared in the bathroom. Now what?

I think we've gotto get out to the lighthouse today. Three ladies from the Chesapeake area in Maryland are visiting on the island. They are helping with the lighthouse project. maybe we can shoot some nice pics for the blog out there.
And here we have a few nice shots for you:

Herring Cove Beach towards Atlantic Ocean

The rocky Island where East Quoddy Light House stands

Images from Head Harbour

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