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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 02

I’m feeling like an eighty-year-old! With my left foot swollen up I am pretty much immobilized. On top of all that it seems we have a problem with Molly. She is just not herself. A couple of days ago she showed an allergic reaction which might have come from a tic. She got a anti-allergy tablett from the vet which she vomited out again. When she finally stopped scratching herself she seemed to have lost all interest of begging for table scraps, which is very, very unusual. She is also sleeping much more than normal. However, when we offered her from our cold cuts she ate it. She also licked up a raw egg. 

So this morning we took her to the beach and let her run around there. Obviously she liked the idea of it and was eager to get in the car. At the beach she behaved quite normally. Is she putting up a play for us or is it something serious? We will watch her over the weekend and decide whether the vet has to do more tests on her.

We also had an unbelievable hassle with our telephone provider, Bell Aliant. Before leaving the house last fall we instructed the company to put our telephone account on vacation leave and reconnect it on a certain date before our return. When coming home our telephone worked, but not the Internet. Phoning the company it turned out that the internet part of our account was written up as permanently disconnected, with wires removed from the telephone pole. They also told us that they did not allow for any new high-speed-internet on the island as they had reached the max capacity, and that the connection we have had, had been given to somebody else.

After much cajoling they agreed to get us back on the internet and we are now waiting for the technician to show up. It’s gonna be interesting to see whether our modem will be working again today. 

Update: During a last conversation with Bell Aliant they said they will not be able to restore internet for us at all. 

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