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Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10

Unbelievably we got our high Speed Internet back yesterday! So now I can post news here anytime without being forced to sit outside of that library.

Seems like everyone here on the island is in the sociable mindset, as we run from one invitation to the other. But then the weather has been good since we set foot on the island. Guess everybody is just thankful that we brought the sun along --- after all that rain in May and April.

Last evenings thunderstorm was gone within the hour and this morning it is just super bright sun outside and the humidity from yesterday is gone. 

Called the Lubec Health Center today to check whether they would take me in as a resident of Alberta, but no, their deal is with residents of New Brunswick (Campobello Island) only. 
I do not want to drive to St. Stephen to the hospital there so, I have to go back to the local health facility on Monday as my foot is not better yet.

As it is still early in the morning here, things might happen later, but for now I am bound for a cup of tea on the porch!

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