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Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17


A clear message from
Salvation Mountain
and Leonard wants
YOU to visit him
In the desert of southern California , near to the little town of Niland and just two hours from San Diego, a man once found the purpose of his life.  
When we approach the area of Salvation Mountain we meet a humble man who's eyes are radiating friendliness and a striking amount of peace. His name is Leonard Knight.
Back in 1984 Leonard or "Len", as he is called by his friends, came to southern California with a Hot Air Balloon in tow. He settled on an abandoned naval base and started to create what later should be known as SALVATION MOUNTAIN. 

The mountain where Leonard works, consists of  clay, a material which was used by the natives to build their pueblos. Leonard made "adobe" where hacked straw and water is mixed into the clay and the hot southern sun bakes it hard as concrete. And it makes it possible to paint an entire mountain. 

More than 100.000 gallons of paint has been used so far. Companies are donating  paint to Leonard rather than paying high disposal fees for excess paint and color failures, making it possible for him to keep on painting his mountain. Friends of Leonard and his work are bringing up the needed water into the bone-dry desert stretch east of Niland and straw bales are delivered from farmers.

Drive safe with the bible..... 

Over the years International TV-crews and reporters have been here making Leonard Knight glad for bringing his message all over the world.

The Tree of Life- in Adobe

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