Saturday, January 28, 2017

While Yesterday's Video Was Hilarious, This One Is Not

When viewing this video pls. rethink what has recently happened at International Airports and U.S. ports of entry. 


  1. Thank You, Canada!

    1. know you can't believe PBS's fake news.And,yes thank you Canada for stepping in to welcome refugees that the US no longer welcomes...maybe we can give Canada the Statue of Liberty also as it seems we no longer have any use for it.

    2. Immigrants had to go through Ellis Island to be processed. My Grandmother was detained for 30 days because of exposure to Small Pox. She was a third class passenger. We need Ellis Island.

  2. Thanks for staying on this, Peter. Here is my explanation for this ban:
    From 1975 to 2016 there have been 3004 Americans killed on US soil by terrorists. NONE of the perpetrators were from the 7 banned Muslim countries.
    The countries that have produced the terrorists on US soil are: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon. Those countries are not included in the ban and are also countries where Trump has business dealings.


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