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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Weather Gadget Was Lying Today

It is rare that I get out of bed before 6am, but today I was downstairs at 5:30am. And I didn’t know about it until I was passing the electric display clock on our cook stove. Boy it was cold here, so I got some coffee going real quick. Then Molly woke up and I let her out. GEEEEZ….this felt REALLY cold and when I looked at the thermometer it showed-19C (-2.2F) Brrr…I did need that hot coffee now. After getting the wood stove going, I turned on the Internet.
Below: Ice Flowers on the window 
1-DSC_1064The gadget I have on this page was showing –16C. A blank lie!  We had – 19C and I had seen it myself on our outside thermometer. Of course there was also the Wind-chill around –25C!  (-13F)
Now, 7hrs. later, it is still –15C (5F)
The sun is out and from the inside it looks like a beautiful day, but all beauty
“disappears” when stepping outside. The cold is biting into my skin and I put my gloved hand in front of my mouth.
We had parked the Buick down by the road and it refused any attempt of starting the engine. But our 2 vans were starting right up, so I had a jumper cable over to the Buick, which made the Buick roar back to life. A quick trip across the border I did with one of the vans, then back home cozying up in front of the stove. The east coast rarely gets this cold. And I know it’s gonna warm up again from tomorrow. So no sweat here.

I’m gonna run an extension cord over to the Buick to keep the battery charged up.

StreepEvery morning I use some time to check on National and International News. 2-3 Scandinavian, 2 German, 1 British, 1 Canadian and 3-4 American news sources are on the agenda. This morning I saw Meryl Streep speaking out at the Golden Globe Award. She was in every news magazine. Her speech was right on the spot. That lady got world-wide attention when she called out President-Elect Trump without even ever mentioning his name. Well done Mrs. Streep!
And wouldn’t you know it, the man-child who cannot take any criticism, lashed out against her right away, calling the world-class actor “overrated” and denying that he had ever mocked a disabled reporter under one of his rallies. He must have forgotten that he had a witnessing audience.
What a bad move on his part.

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  1. And I thought 39F down here in Florida this morning was cold....I stand corrected !! I guess Dumpf only likes it when his buddy Putin is praising him.


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