Wednesday, January 11, 2017

From Russia With Love

A while back I read a novel about a U.S. President who was a Russian mole. Never in my wildest fantasies could I imagine that something similar would happen one day. We are now about to witness it, unless he’d be stopped in his tracks.
The full INTEL report:

The two most sensitive parts of it below.
1-Fullscreen capture 1112017 91805 AM1-Fullscreen capture 1112017 91835 AM   Congratulations America. You chose a pervert for president.


  1. Reading further--unverified and unsubstantiated."Add" is spelled A-d-d

    1. Hm... I did not use the word add, where did you see it? In the report? I did not write it. It's english english.

  2. But yet you find nothing strange about the man who kisses his daughter on the lips and has said he would like to date her while his wife stays at Trump Tower......Our Moral Commander and Chief !! Tweet Me Up Scotty!!

  3. Only 5 days until he's actually president. Who needs tv when you have this real-life reality show? Unbelievable.


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