Sunday, January 8, 2017

There Was A Slight Problem This Morning

As usual it felt quite cold when I got down to the kitchen at 6:30am and I didn’t blame Molly for still being in dreamland. In fact, it gave me some time to start the coffee. I even managed to lit up the fire in the wood stove, before Her Royalty Molly had lifted her head off the pillow she had been sleeping on. So I guess it was time for her to take a quick trip outside.
However, when I pushed against our rear entry door it wouldn’t move. Not one bit!  Was it frozen shut?  I pushed harder and it opened about 2 inch. Something was outside, blocking the door. I found out fast enough. We had a snow drift right outside and it was blocking the door.
The weather forecast had mentioned the possibility of snow overnight, but they had talked about 2 inches only in our place. How could 2 inches be blocking my door?  Well, it turned out that wind had blown a lot of snow right onto the entry door. Farther out on the lawn was nearly nothing. But I could make out another snowdrift in front of the garage door. Seems like those drifts prefer to settle in front of doors….any door.
Molly pressed on from behind so I let her slip through. As she already has problems with her hind legs she was striving hard to get over and through the snow until she eventually reached better ground.

I had to get into my boots and my winter coat and start clearing away from our entry deck. The wind was still quite strong and it was piercing my face.

Fortunately, coffee was ready when I got back inside. And the wood stove had produced a nice heat in the living room. So good to watch all hell break loose from inside the house.
1-DSC_1044   Snowplow, clogging up our driveway
It was bound to happen one day. For way too long we have had mild great weather.
Only last Sunday we had been on a hike through the park and enjoyed warm sunshine. One has to enjoy life when the opportunity offers itself.

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  1. It is not a god sign when you cannot open your door due to a snow block:(


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