Monday, January 30, 2017

Love, Love, Love This Weather

Every day I get up in the morning I look out the window and put on a big smile. NO SNOW.  Hehe..the other day we got just a slight dusting – but gone 2 hours later. Ever since spending winters up north, which was 25 yrs. in Norway and about 7 winters in Canada, I have never seen such a mild and nice winter. I can go out and take pictures along the coast and it looks just like a day in April or October.
We have seen shrubs getting into budding mode and the trees have the sap rising already. Of course that may turn out to be a problem the day we get a hefty frost in February.
A huge flock of finches have been here feeding of our bird feeders. Canada geese have been seen several times and of course, not many water bodies have ice on it. But if you go up north to the city of Miramichi, New Brunswick, people are barely surviving. An ice storm brought down an entire row of power poles and people have been without power for over a week. Crews are working in the area but the workload is just overwhelming. 2 people have frozen to death, due to a lack of heating in their place.
1-DSC_1435  Nice hike along the coastal cliffs
Taking advantage of the nice outside conditions, I have been cutting down trees and producing firewood. A few hours every day keeps me moving.
While I was outside today Bea made some unbelievable nice poppy-seed rolls. Yummy, I tell you.


  1. Looks pretty nice,especially those poppy seed rolls.

  2. We could send you some snow if you like! You can pay me with baking!


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