Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thanks, But No Thanks

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On Sunday a mosque was attacked in Quebec City killing 6 people and injuring many more. While the attack was deemed an act of terror, it was pretty darn clear that any perpetrators would be from the right-wing scene, cause no Muslim would attack a place of prayer for Muslims. The attack happened only days after Trump had announced his controversial travel ban for Muslims coming from 7 different countries. As such it quickly became clear that the crime was committed by a right-wing Trump-inspired perpetrator.
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After the single person was arrested the suspicions were confirmed. The French-Canadian was a self-radicalized person who had developed his hate from Trump’s rhetoric aimed against Muslims.

As if that isn’t enough this presidential piece of sh*t announces through his press secretary that he would offer “complete” support to the people of Canada to curb terrorism.

Mr. Trump, you are a person non-grata in our country and we would like to ask you to keep your unqualified comments on a tragedy like the one in Quebec to yourself.

Of course, this Canadian tragedy is not and will not be neither the first nor the last act of right-wing terrorism. Just last week a Texas mosque fell victim to arson. Luckily nobody got hurt in the fire. And it happened to be perpetrated by….you guessed it, a right-wing nut.

So, following Trump’s own ideas, another travel ban must be put in place for Christians.

Or…maybe it would be better to get rid of …..the person with the bad rhetoric?


  1. "cause no Muslim would attack a place of prayer for Muslims."

    You're making a joke, right? Read up on the constant bloodbath between Sunni and Shia. Allah be willing, of course.


    1. Fully aware of that, but these 2 groups have never fought out their battle abroad. So very unlikely in Canada.

  2. Sadly Peter,Canada is not immune from the rest of this crazy world of intolerable people.However,Canada is among the few countries that have good control of guns and weapons of war,while still allowing law abiding citizens to have the right to hunt and thus limit the likeliness of these occurrences.

  3. I am doubly sad that this happened in Quebec City, my all-time-favorite Canadian city. I would apologize for T-rump but I didn't vote for him. Besides I am working hard (phoning and writing letters) to get him impeached. BTW, today I met and talked to a police chief here in southern Arizona. He informed me that he has seen no wall that will keep out desperate people. They will climb over or tunnel under. He also said that violence along the border has all but dissipated in the last 10 years--possibly due to legalization of marijuana in some states. Also, jobs are not as prevalent as in the 90s hence not attracting the workers. It was unusual to hear a police officer deriding the president but this one thought T-rump was simply instilling unnecessary fear in an effort to 'stir up the base.' I agreed with his observations but mainly I was thrilled to find a rational police officer.


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