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Sunday, October 16, 2016

What Happens If The Monster Doesn’t Win?

Watching “the monster’s” supporters  (the Mob) and knowing how split the American people currently are, I predict that we will witness a wave of domestic violence born of anger and a whipped-up mood over the course of recent election campaigning.
Add to that the numerous “militias” operating in the U.S. and you have the perfect scenario for a wide-spread civil war.

Across America, the number of local militias has exploded since 2008, when there were only 42 such groups. Now there are almost seven times that number. And there is a reason for that development. Most militias are extreme right-wing groups who hate everybody who is different from themselves. Muslims, all kind of colored people, Jews, Mexicans, gays…all potential targets. And common for all militias is they love their guns. The current danger of domestic violence is far greater than any terrorist attack rooted in radical Islamist groups.
Some of the anti-government groups and local citizens’ councils emphasize white, Christian roots. Many vehemently oppose federal environmental restrictions and seek to uphold the Constitution by force. Most oppose what they call the new world order and often
fuel Sept. 11 conspiracy theories.
It is no co-incidence that domestic violence and the spread of militias are on the rise.  The hate against coloured people has been smoldering ever since civil war, but when the US got a president with African roots, hate exploded. It certainly didn’t get any better after “The Monster” appeared on stage playing the race and hate card whipping up even more anger.  Inciting violence through hate speech is a criminal offence is some countries.
The recent example of planned militia violence was discovered in time to avert a
bloodbathCitation:“The only f—— way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherf—–,” 
If the monster does not win the election more hate groups will spring up planning vicious attacks to “turn around the country” by force.
Once militias are getting violent against society the federal government will have to use the military to protect and quash riots. That’s when civil war has become a reality.
So, should the monster win the election? Certainly not, but the future doesn’t appear in a rosy light.

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  1. No doubt there will some extremists that want a revolution. Hopefully, that won't happen. But Trump has certainly dredged the gutter of bigots.


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