Monday, October 10, 2016

Oh I Was So Lucky…

My recent cross-country trip to Alberta is still standing very fresh in my memory, and except some rain on the return, weather was just beautiful. But only days after my return, Saskatchewan and Alberta got snow and icy roads.
1-Police edmontonIn fact I heard about a foot of snow in some parts and Edmonton police had to attend to 77 accidents in 24 hrs. Not that that would surprise me, knowing the way those city people are driving. (like crazy) For once I had the right hunch when planning my trip.
1-too soon
Running into wintry weather would have been a real bummer, not only for the risk of driving on ice and snow but also it would have been rather unpleasant to overnight in the unheated van.

While winter started out west, Campobello still had up to 68F and sunny skies In fact I sat on the porch in shorts and T-shirt.
And I did a drive over to Herring Cove Beach. A few beach wanderers were still around. I walked up to the new observation deck high above the rocky cliff.
But of course, it IS October after all and both yesterday and today the weather took a turn to cooler temperatures. Not that we had frost, but there is this bite in the air signaling that fall has started  in its second term. And last nights rain brought about an inch of water, while winds increased to about 20mph, maybe more in gusts. Not a storm but with the lower temps it feels cold to walk Molly down the road. After a cloudy day the sun broke out around 6pm and clear skies are here again, which will get tonight’s temps down to 38F.

While the winds are blowing a small tree fell over on cemetery road. So I went up there to have a look. The tree was totally rotten, so no good for firewood, but I cut it up and threw it into the ditch, cleaned up the road so one could pass along without getting branches thrown up under the vehicle.

And something else came down as well: Our best apple tree had thrown off all the remaining red apples.
I picked them off the ground and brought them inside. That apple is so unbelievably good in taste and it looks absolutely beautiful. We need to cultivate that tree! It’s a treasure.
Got some news of our van today from the repair shop. Apparently the vibrations were caused by a worn down U-joint on the drive shaft.  They haven’t done the repair yet but will get to it tomorrow. So no big worry for a huge cost.


  1. As usual, Campobello looks beautiful. And those apples make my mouth water.

  2. Those are the prettiest apples I've seen in a long time. Supposed to have snow in Montana so I'm glad we're almost back to AZ. Enjoy your beautiful crisp autumn.

  3. You made your trip out west at the right time.
    Nice looking apples, enjoy the last if them for this year.

  4. You always amaze me at your speedy cross-country trips. Didn't you leave your fifth-wheel in Edmonton this spring? I remember the mattress freezing to the wall during that brutal weather!

    1. It was a TT we left in Edmonton, but we sold our rig this year as we are not traveling for a few years. Yeah that winter was a tough one. One-of-a-kind!


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