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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Happy Walk With Molly

Such a beautiful weather again. “Maybe I should take Molly for a walk along the beach – just a short walk”. That was my thought yesterday and I didn’t hesitate to load her into the ambulance-van and off we went.
Here, Molly has lots of space and she seems to be comfortable with the new wheels. The park roads are totally empty, not a single vehicle nor any wanderer enjoying the beauty of fall. 
Still a lot of green in the forest.

Stopping several times along the way to snap a few pictures, we arrive at the south beach.  This sure is not some boring sandy beach.
1-20161011_124148  Low tide…
Lots of things to explore for both Molly and me.
1-20161011_124148-001What is that orange thing over there?  Oh…seems to be a big piece of fiberglass, smashed by some storm and most likely from a boat. Wonder what happened there.
1-20161011_124218 1-20161011_124212
While Molly is looking around checking out the many empty crab shells, I am sitting down for a while.
1-20161011_124809The stones are comfortably warmed up by the sun. Some flowers are still around, a yellow one which I don’t know the name of, (looks like dandelions, but isn’t) but over there are the purple asters which have been so plentiful this fall.
1-20161011_124425Many shades of green here and I love to look over to that little lake.
1-20161011_124451I guess that water must be brackish as it would be prone to be flooded at stormy high tide. Lots of driftwood here too. I pick up a heavy piece, looks like a 2x8 about 2 ft long. It has a nice patina from floating in the water and being bleached by the sun. I decide to take it home. maybe I can craft something of it. Winter is gonna be long and not much to do.
1-20161011_123732Way out there, at the entrance to the Gulf of Maine and right off the shore line to the West Quoddy Lighthouse, are 2 small rocky islands. The one closest to the shore is called “Shipwreck Rock”, the other farther out is “Sail Rock”. Both represent serious hazards for  boats rounding the point heading into “The Narrows” between Maine and Campobello Island. I wonder how1-20161011_124654 many ships have been wrecked out there.
With these thoughts we return home to have a piece of apple cake I made a few days ago. Still warm enough to sit on the porch. Aah….


  1. Gotta love these warm fall days while we can. Beautiful scenery there.

  2. Beautiful Autumn day. And a walk with Molly makes it perfect.

  3. Beautiful Autumn day. And a walk with Molly makes it perfect.

  4. Love the water and beaches. It was a great place to take Molly.

  5. Please give Molly an ear-scratch from me. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  6. Molly looks so sweet. I'm glad she is doing ok . This lovely weather makes everything and everyone happy. Kelly


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