Monday, October 3, 2016

The Last Day

Despite the closed Walmart I had a great sleep in the adjacent parking lot. Woke up bright and early at 4:30am, drove over to the next gas station for coffee and started on the last leg home. Weather was all drizzle and sometimes pouring rain, but that did not deter big-city-drivers from racing down the highway as if the devil was chasing them. One must wonder what all these people are doing outside during an early Sunday morning. Went down I-495 before ending up on good old I-95 and….aah what a relief leaving the last toll station behind and seeing traffic thinning out to almost nothing.
1-20161002_0915541-20161002_092510-001 Fall colours are now gorgeous, just too bad I couldn’t get some decent pictures of it.
Had a last stop at the Ellsworth,ME Walmart to get some groceries and 2 hrs. later I rolled across the FDR-Intern’l Bridge. 10,000km are done. What a relief.
1-DSC_0001                           Our van got a brother
1-DSC_0005                          …..and I got coffee and a cookie!


  1. That was a marathon trek. Impressive.

  2. Nice to get that job done and settle back home again.
    You have some nice fall colours there, not much here yet.

  3. Just missed you in Sturbridge,Ma we were on our way south to Florida. Glad you made it home in record time.


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