Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is He Finished?

The below narrative is a direct translation from  Norwegian Dagbladet”, a national newspaper in Norway. The original was written by “Marie Simonsen”. It goes to show what devastating international effect the current American presidential election campaign has.

Donald Trump has yet again been caught in words, but now it is enough even for Republicans.

It was no bad news day. First declared Barack Obama officially that Russia was behind the hacking of Democrats emails. So leaked Wiki-leaks further thousands of emails that allegedly could hurt Hillary Clinton.

And then hurricane Matthew hit the coast of Florida.

But, alas, Donald Trump managed to exceed all this. Yes, he surpassed even himself. After all that he has said and done without nobody stopping him, he succeeded in the end to go over the line.
After the several minutes long audio recording was published by the Washington Post, had even Trump come with some sort of excuse; if anyone felt offended, he asked for apology, but it was just a little boy talk on space.

You know it's serious when Trump apologizes for anything. His maxim is notoriously never to apologize, never go back on anything, but rather turn even harder against the charges.

This time Americans had had enough.

Within minutes the media flooded over in shock and disbelief, and even his strongest supporters took cover, while they cursed the devastation in Trumps wake.

But why on earth react Americans so strongly this time? This may wonder Norwegians and other Europeans who have followed the campaign from outside. It's not like it's something new that Trump is a male chauvinist who treats women badly. It has been both well documented and demonstrated in over a year now.

To understand what hit Trump last night Norwegian time, it is interesting to see why Republican and conservative voters react so strongly. That liberals and feminists deplore trumps sexism, is the usual. Trumps opinion of women has long been a central part of Hillary's political television advertising.

Republicans react to the coarse language used. Words like "fuck" and "pussy" is not commonplace in pious conservative circles. In as much not in public at all; liberal New York Times asked readers to apologize for putting them in print, and program managers on TV asked in vain guests avoid the offensive words the Republican presidential candidate had used.

But perhaps worst of all, the newlywed Donald Trump admitted in audio recording that he had tried to check up a married woman. You just don’t do that in puritanical and family-loving USA.

Thus Trump is not only an incredible sexist guy, but also a "home-wrecker", one that breaks up families.

Experts on demographics and polls think the footage particularly discourage middle class voters who have not yet made up their mind for whom to vote for.

Whoever remembers the 1990s Lewinsky scandal, knows that Americans do not take lightly on sex and infidelity. Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment for having lied about sex with a young employee in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump has not forgotten Lewinsky or Bill Clinton's second woman stories. He has long threatened to use them during the election campaign. And his first reaction last night was to argue that Bill had said far worse things about women when they played golf.

After Trump had calmed down a bit and sent out an official apology, he continued attacks on Bill Clinton's infidelity and claimed again that Hillary Clinton had harassed Bills women to prevent them from going to the press.

He lives up to his promise; “Hillary may be evil, but I can be even more evil”.

But this time he does not seem to get away with his usual tactic of hitting back ten times harder.

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