Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh Boy..I Got Myself Into A Dusty Mess

There have been hints about this from Bea and I knew she was right. It is all about that small yellow-painted bedroom we have been using as a storage room. Cartons, boxes and bundles have been heaped up there ever since we moved into this house. At times it was difficult to even ENTER that room. Now, this summer I put in a new window. When I did that the old plaster got lose and parts of it had fallen down. Since the room isn’t insulated, I had been planning to remove all plaster off that wall, get the wall insulated and dry-walled. The next step will be to build shelves  for stacking totes. I mean it DOES make sense to clean up this room. With the tourist season being over I feel I have time to start on this before the winter.
So today I entered the room armed with a hammer and a crowbar. I removed a lot of boxes from that wall, so I had some room to work. That means now we have 2 bedrooms serving as storage…Smile 
1-DSC_0077-001The good thing is really that the plaster comes off quite  easily. When this house was build, cement must have been very expensive while sand was free. I am sure you understand my drift here. That plaster was simply no good.  The bad thing about this is that I was enveloped in dust from top to bottom.

When all plaster was off, the stuff needed to be scooped up into a pail and carried downstairs to be emptied outside.  Yes, I did about umpteen turns, but finally I got it all out.
Then the lath was coming off. More dust.

Last step today was putting fiberglass insulation between the studs.

1-DSC_0117My plan calls for cross-insulation, but for that I need to wait until Tuesday when I get a material delivery from EBS-Building Supplies in Machias, ME. Until then I can take a break from this dusty project.

Had a great moon-rise today. Just as the sun went behind the horizon in the west, the almost full moon rose above our house. The 2 pictures below have been taken at the same time.
Weather has been clear and nice though a cold northern wind has blown all day. It can’t be denied that we are getting closer and closer to winter.


  1. That old plaster and lath sure can make a dusty mess. Our Last house I redid the whole upstairs with insulation and new drywall, while we lived on the main floor. Sur made it much warmer .

  2. What a messy job, but you got a lot done for one day.


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