Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer, Sun And Fun

1-DSC_00471-DSC_0048First BOONDOCKER arrived in style with a Shasta from the 60s. And the lady who owns this adorable camper, which she has named “CAMPIE” is from St.Andrews,NB. Simone Ritter is the artist behind the many lovable water-color pictures, some of which I have shown to the readers earlier. Under her visit here, she has been painting local lighthouses, like the Mulholland Light and the Head Harbour Light Station. These paintings are part of a series of lighthouse pictures from all Maritime Provinces and some from Maine.
1-DSC_0043-001 1-DSC_0044
Seeing the fresh colors on her Shasta I could not resist to park our LTD in front of it. They sure made for a great pair.
And I am so happy to let you know that Thursday April 21. was our first day of summer weather. Temps were reaching 68F (20C) which brought out a lot of people, some of which were engaged in carpentry, others in garden work.
1-DSC_0038 1-DSC_0040
Bea is babying hundreds of tiny seedlings in the greenhouse. They require a lot of attention with monitoring of water, temperature and light.

I had taken on a little project of my own repairing some damage on a neighbour’s house. Wall shingles were rotted out along the bottom and needed replacement.
1-DSC_0035 1-DSC_0036
It was getting pretty hot for me in the sun, but I managed to finish the job before noon. Wow…time for a break.


  1. Love the car and trailer combo and this summertime weather !

  2. Love the Shasta. They make replicas now that look just like the old ones. They sell them to at a pretty penny.


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