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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again…

Oh what pleasure was waiting us today. No more boring sit-on-the-couch. I was bound to have a busy day. And the weather was more than gorgeous. A deep blue sky, and only the slightest breeze was moving the water on the bay. First off I hitched on the trailer and did a round to pick up --- you guessed it --- MORE firewood. It was all ready to be loaded and cut to 5ft. length.  I just finished that before 9:30am and went straight on to see a nabour in need of help with their garden. Pruning of trees and bushes and extensive raking of their lawn was on the agenda. We had lunch together and had a great time chatting.
It was almost 3:30pm before we had finished the outdoor work.
Home and having a relaxing coffee with a couple of home-baked cookies out on the deck. Temps in the 60s today made for a marvelous time. And again it appeared to me how darn lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. The view across the bay is simply… peaceful and relaxing.
Took a trip to the grocer to get another 2pound can of my favorite coffee, and while being on the road I dropped by the motel and had a chat with the owners. Were laughing about stupid Trump and talked about a movie that had compared him with a “resurrected” Adolf Hitler.

All in all a great day and there are more to come.


  1. We are enjoying this amazing weather as well, love it !

  2. "Were laughing about stupid Trump and talked about a movie that had compared him with a “resurrected” Adolf Hitler."

    Why do people lower themselves to the same level of the Clowns running for USA President?

  3. Looks like you've been experiencing some beautiful blue skies.


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