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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lazy Sunday

As long as I can remember Sundays have always been the laziest days of the week. When growing up we were not supposed to have any “projects” on Sundays. No, Sundays were family days. In the winter that meant reading, listening to music and for the kids some peaceful playing in our room. During Summer the adults went on small leisure hikes, they met with neighbours or other family members or they simply relaxed in the sun. Throughout the year, Sundays always meant having some especially good food for supper. That’s the way my brother and I grew up, and that’s the way we still live through most Sundays. So, with today’s beautiful weather I did not commence any big projects, nor did I continue working with any. I took Molly out for a couple of walks, vacuumed all three vehicles and for the rest I hung out in the bright sun.
Bea was caring for all her little veggi-plants and flowers. They all need to be babied if we want to have a vegetable harvest later in the year. Tiny tomato plants are stretching towards daylight and it is important to keep them from getting too cold and too dark. And last night we had frost again, the lawn was glittering with ice crystals. But day highs were above 50F and much warmer in the sun.
I even managed to stay away from chopping firewood today.

Saturday I finished the new compost bin. The thing is built in 2x6” and clad with chicken wire inside. I put little branches in the bottom and Bea moved the content from our old rickety compost bin over to it’s new home.
1-DSC_0009 1-DSC_00101-DSC_0011

Since I had cleaned up the cars I took a little test drive with the LTD. Rolled down the roof as well and ah…it was a good feeling gliding along quiet island roads again.
My morning walk with Molly was in the Roosevelt Park. We went down the stairs at Con. Robinson Point, followed the beach to Raccoon Beach and walked back.
1-DSC_00141-DSC_00151-DSC_0017 1-DSC_00191-DSC_0024
Noticed a lot of new erosion along the beach.  Huge trees have fallen off the cliff. The power of storm and water have done a lot of changes.1-DSC_0018
Above: Raccoon Beach
At Con. Robinson Point


  1. Sounds like a practically perfect Sunday!

  2. Sounds like a practically perfect Sunday!

  3. That's what Sundays were like for us (after church of course).

  4. Sundays were always lazy days for us too.

  5. I grew up with similar Sundays as well. It was a day when relatives would come visiting & supper was always something special. Sunday drives were popular as well as walks. Folks seemed to dress up more on Sundays. Most stores were closed & I remember when big trucks weren't allowed on the roads Sunday. Sunday's were definitely different years ago but I still have many of the same old feelings from those days oh so long ago.


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