Sunday, April 3, 2016

Far, Far Away……Where No Roads Lead You Astray: Barrow, AK

Ever since I was 15 years of age I have longed for the far away places on this globe. I distinctly remember that I seriously planned an expedition from Norway to Novosibirsk, Russia. And that was during the Soviet Union’s hey-days. I also remember wanting to do a cross China trip by car. I think Mao was still in power in those days. After I turned my attention to the Americas my love fell on the Pan-American Highway from Tierra Del Fuego,Chile to Barrow,AK. Well, that was until I found out that no roads are connecting Barrow,AK to the rest of the world. So…Prudhoe Bay would have been a good substitute. My book shelves are still filled with the most adventurous accounts written by people who actually did travel to those extremely remote places.

Why I bring this up?

I got a new reader who’s living at….BARROW,AK.
His name is Dan Wall and his whereabouts reactivated my memory of all those plans which I conceived during my very much younger years. The only real geographical resettlements I made was moving to Norway and later to Canada. At least I made it to Canada.
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Since no roads are connecting Barrow to the rest of the world I plotted in Prudhoe Bay a little to the east of Barrow.
By car it would be almost 8000km (5000miles) from Prudhoe Bay,Ak to Welshpool,NB 

Below: Barrow Alaska
Barrow Barrow-Alaska-skyview
Amazingly, my far-away-longings are still somewhat alive.  Reading about BARROW,AK I’m just about ready to board a plane and get myself out there.
But then, most likely I would be standing on a storm-blown airfield in the middle of nowhere in a place where no roads can promise you any escape, if you so desire, and I look around where I am now, today, and then common sense kicks in telling me I am an idiot. I am in one of the more beautiful place on earth and just why the hell, would I travel to BARROW,AK or Novosibirsk,Russia?

But if you like to read Dan’s blog here it is:


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Peter. Barrow is kinda fun if you are ever of a mind to eat some whale blubber and enjoy a snow-scape that doesn't quit. You can even enjoy a taco at Dan's authentic tacoria.

    1. Dan, I lived in Norway 25 years and we ate whale meat, which I really loved. Blubber I don't know.


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