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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Wood Stove Took A Break

I noticed it right away when stepping outside this morning. Something WAS different. The clear sky, a bright sunshine and birds were singing, made all the difference from bygone dull days. There wasn’t even any wind, which is really remarkable out here at the ocean.
Finally, the crocuses would show up

Why would we keep up a fire in our wood stove if outside temps reached the mid-fifties Red rose?  And just why is a flower symbol popping up when I put  an “F” for Fahrenheit into parentheses?  The promising morning progressed into what felt like the first real spring day.
Coffee and lunch was happening outside.
And of course, me and my restless self, was feeling like doing a lot of things. And I did putter around most of the day, took off a front wheel of the Buick to check out whether we had a suspension problem. Conclusion of that was somewhat indifferent as it could simply be an adjustment of the wheel alignment. Some uneven wear and tear on the front tires seem to point into that direction. 

And then there was this firewood. Weeks ago I had announced that enough was enough, but it kept coming.
Wood from the cemetery, wood from nabours---- it is piling up and I don’t know where to make the next stacks. Guess it’s a luxury problem so I’ll come up with something. I usually do.

Even now at 5:30pm I feel like I would like to do some camping, but of course nighttime temps are gonna stay just barely above freezing.
DSC_0930_2Had some trouble with Molly the other day. All-of-a-sudden she started drinking water like crazy. Then she wetting her doggy-bed. And that she has never ever done before. Of course, it was evening and no vet could be reached. She did not show any other signs of any disease or medical problem, so we decided to wait it out and see how the next day would be. Amazingly, next day she drank normal amounts of water but she still left a few wet spots on her bed. Bea called the vet and the earliest appointment was next Tuesday. Well, this was not any life-threatening emergency so we accepted that. The third day ran up with Molly being her old usual self again. No more wet spots on her bed and she showed her normal drinking and eating behaviour. We are guessing that she must have eaten something really salty or even poisonous which she might have found while roaming around, and that her body tried to get rid of it by drinking copious amounts of water. However it gave us a scare and also reminded us that Molly has entered an age (13+) where things can go the wrong way and where she will need our help more than ever.

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  1. Nice shut down the wood stove for a while, even our Mr. Heater getting a rest, that's good that Molly is improving.


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