Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WHERE IS WINTER? And A Blogger-Problem

I really start wondering whether we are gonna have any real winter or not. I mean the calendar shows February the 3rd but hey the sun is shining most days and day temps are climbing to 10-11C (50F) which makes me producing more and more firewood.

All previous snow was just gone until we got a little dusting of snow this afternoon.
With this winter’s colder weather in the South-West of the States our choice of staying put at home wasn’t a bad one.

Once we are halfways through February, we can start looking for crocusses.

Yesterday’s earthquake became the “talk of the town” on Campobello as well as in Lubec, ME and Eastport, ME.  While the boom was covered by most media in Maine, our very own CBC did not bother posting any news of it, in spite of several people tweeting it to the news station.

bloger error
Blogger has again started to annoy me. In my settings I have 10 email addresses all them supposed to receive an email every time I put up a new posting. Most recently it appeared that no more emails have been sent out through blogger. Going to blogger help forum I found lots of postings regarding the same issue without any solution being posted. I just don’t understand why blogger/google always has to doctor around with already working stuff just to mess it up.  Sad smile


  1. Sometimes change is good and other times not so much.

  2. I only get about half my e-mails from blogger. Drives me crazy.


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