Saturday, February 6, 2016

Off We Went – To The Beach

If I was to sit in my chair all day long or - worse, all winter long, I would end up in a madhouse, and that might be valid for you as well, but I have never been able to sit still for any extended time. Ask anybody who knows me. No, I need to go out and breathe in nature to the fullest, regardless whether I have seen the same spot umpteen times or not.
So this morning the storm had passed and after shoveling us out of the driveway for the 4th time in 2 days we decided to get out and enjoy the bright sunshine over Campobello’s Winter-Wonder-Land.
1-DSC_0787 1-DSC_0795
First we drove out to a neighbour who’s enjoying sunny Florida. We went to shovel snow on their property.
But that was not enough outside activity yet, so in the afternoon we took Molly and off we went to the beach. Yup, it was beach weather. And aside from plowed salted roads the beach was the only place where we would not have to stumble through a foot of snow.
1-DSC_0828 1-DSC_0833
A slight southerly breeze, not very cold, greeted us upon arrival and after passing across the snowy bridge over the little creek from Lake Glensevern, we stood on the dark sand.
It was low tide so the beach was wide. We marveled over how clean the beach was. Apparently the storm tides had taken all the garbage, even seaweeds out to  sea again. We walked in sand and gravel. Molly would have prefered a walk in the forest, (she loves the good smells there) but with a foot of snow everywhere and no skis the beach was the better choice.
Btw. somebody had left a skitrack along the beach. The upper part above high-water-mark was still covered in snow and so somebody had gone all along the water front on skis. Even I would have been able to ski along the beach. At least it would have prevented me from hitting some lone tree! I am a master at that you must know.
1-DSC_0783-001Back home again, we enjoyed my home-made weekend- carrot cake, as it is Carrot Festival in Holtville,California.


  1. What a nice day for a walk on the beach!

  2. Great snow pictures! Maybe you can get some reverse "snowbirds":)

  3. It sure is beautiful to look at but mighty cold to be in!


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