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WARNING: You are gonna laugh so bad that you’re gonna be out of breath, that is…..if it wouldn’t be so embarrassing.


Paul LePage Warns Of Dirty Asylum Seekers Bringing The 'Ziki Fly'

02/17/2016 05:28 pm ET

Amanda Terkel Senior Political Reporter, The Huffington Post


Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) thinks asylum-seekers are a major threat to the state.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) believes asylum-seekers are the "biggest problem" in the state because of the diseases they may be bringing in.

"What happens is you get hepatitis C, tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV, the 'ziki fly,' all these other foreign type of diseases that find a way to our land," LePage said during a town hall meeting Tuesday night, according to Maine Public Broadcasting News.

The crowd apparently didn't like him singling out asylum-seekers, replying with cries of "Shame!"

There is no such thing as the "ziki fly." The disease LePage was presumably referencing was the Zika virus, which is transmitted by a certain type of mosquitoand has rapidly spread through Latin America. Zika has been linked to a condition called microcephaly, which results in newborns having an abnormally small head and incomplete brain development. El Salvador has urged women not to get pregnant until 2018 as a precaution.

As Reuters notes, the Zika virus is not currently found in Maine.

In 2014, LePage attracted national attention for trying to quarantine Kaci Hickox, a nurse who returned to the United States from treating Ebola patients in West Africa. She showed no signs of having the Ebola virus at the time, and, it turns out, she did not have the disease.

More recently, LePage has been talking about the heroin crisis in Maine, saying that drug traffickers are a major scourge on the state -- particularly black drug dealers who allegedly "impregnate a young, white girl before they leave."

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen: THE COMMENTS

Rebecca Limback ·

University of Missouri

I know Republicans proudly ignore science, but seriously? Maine must be so happy to have a Governor who doesn't know the difference between a fly and a mosquito--as well as one who has no empathy for those fleeing violence in other countries. I cannot begin to imagine why this guy was elected to lead a state with such a rich history.

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Kim Boal ·

Rawls professor of management at Texas Tech University

Never has a State had so much to be ashamed of.

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Thebe Bashaleebee

He's so horrible I'm surprised he's not running for the Republican nominee for POTUS.

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William Copeland ·

Troy State

Thebe Bashaleebee - great comment!!!

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Bob Casparius ·

Providence, Rhode Island

I'm originally from Maine and still have a house there. I have to tell you he is a total embarrassment.

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Shawn Roehrig ·

Works at Self-Employed

Bob, then why is he still governor? Is there something in the water? Has eating too much lobster addled the brains of the voters?

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Sandra Sneider Tatsuno ·

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Not enough of an embarrassment, apparently, for your fellow Mainers not to have re-elected him.

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Dave Koga ·

Los Angeles, California

Governor LePage proves once again that he's an embarassment to his state.
FYI Governor, science clearly tells that only "Ziki flies" named D-Money, Smoothie, or Shiftie are considered dangerous

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Steve Cherry


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Steven Underwood

FEAR! Bringing the fear. Does the GOP ever think about anything less? They never have any plans to improve our situation or how to fix problems. They just want us to fear everything except white, male, wealthy, Christian, far right conservative leaders. We, the people, need to make them fear ... for their jobs.

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Howard Millman ·

Christians only have fear to give in order to make people feel guilty about themselves. Anyone who falls for religious bunk deserves whatever they get.

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Judy Mccracken ·

St. Lukes Catholic School

Howard Millman Religion has been 'center stage' in the past SEVEN years.... WHY IS THE EVANGELICAL beliefs being shoved down the electorate's throat?..... I have my own religion, dont need a course in 'HOW the cruz's want to rule the world'....
WHAT HAPPENED TO SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE?....NOW, major discussions on defunding anything that is not in their prayer book...Is this what they mean, when they cry...'Take our Gov Back'?

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George J. Zaidan ·

Christ The King College (C.K.C) - Bo

I have faith that Gov. Paul LePage will be able to shoot every "ziki fly" that crosses the boarder and if he happens to miss any he'll either sit on them, stare them down or just yell at them. Them "ziki flys" have no chance.

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Jeff Newman ·

New York, New York

I honestly don't understand why LaPage is a govenor of a state instead of chairman of the RNC. He is the default of the Everyman Republican.

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Todd Daugherty

I thought we had enough to be ashamed about here in Texas, but what were you guys in Maine thinking? Geez.

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Dave Koga ·

Los Angeles, California

Both times LePage was elected, there was a third party candidate on the ballot who split the vote with his Democratic opponent. He won both elections with less than 50% of the vote.

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Steve Cherry

Dave Koga It is always unfortunate when that happens and it never reflects the wishes of the majority.

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Virginia Stanley

Dave Koga Well he represents the views of many Maine residents.It isnt only TEXAs that has extreme RW people. Yes,he won his first election because of third party factors but the second it was less of a factor.By the way the third party second election candidate was going to drop out.I think he made a deal for a state job and thus stayed in the election. It had somewhat of an effect, Its water over the dam.

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Alyce Garrity

"Ooooh, they got cooties! They got cooties!" What is he, eight years old? Has he had so many people immigrate to his state that he thinks they brought all the Hep C, HIV, and tuberculosis there? Since he doesn't even know how Zika is transmitted, why does he think it will suddenly show up in Maine? I wonder how often he has sen malaria in Maine. It's also caused by a mosquito bite -- from a particular type of mosquito, that can't survive in Maine. Same with the Zika virus.

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Calvin Robinson ·

Dunbar Vocational High School

When I was in grammar school the teacher would tell us, "You could be a senator or a governor one day!" I thought that was a really cool idea back then. If that teacher told me the same thing now, I would say, "For What?!"

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  1. What a waste of skin and bones, he should be a partner of D.J. Trump!


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