Friday, February 5, 2016

Got A Truckload Of The White Stuff Today. Some Would Call It A Winter Wonderland

It’s a wonder alright when the ground is bare during the 1.week of February, (and this morning it was) But then it becomes a shocker when all-of-a-sudden you get a truckload of wet snow dumped into your driveway. Yup. we got a foot of snow where it wasn’t supposed to be - all along the driveway. But what can you do other than trying to get the stuff outa the way? We did that 3 times today! And we have a pretty long driveway….and of course then there is the path TO the driveway.
1-DSC_0756 1-DSC_0760
There has been lots of pre-winter warnings that people shouldn’t overdo the physical work of shoveling, meaning some folks are croaking of heart failure, while indulging in this kind of activity.
This time around the snow is not powdery but full of water, which makes the work just a tad harder.
Since the ground was still bare when I got up this morning, you understand we got it comin’ pretty steady, and 1-DSC_0764it is still filling up as I write this and it is 5:20pm! Not supposed to stop until midnight. So guess what, we got our work cut out for tomorrow morning!


  1. The only white stuff we see in Florida is sand and that's much warmer than snow.

  2. Oh no not more snow, at fresh air and exercise.


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