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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Peter, You’ve Had A Fascinating Life!

I never expected anybody to say anything like this to me, but there it was on the Facebook Page of a group I recently joined.
1-Fullscreen capture 2132016 74746 PM
I had written a brief introduction to myself causing a most surprising reaction by many group  members. And it must be true what this pretty lady wrote in her statement.
Now, I would like to ad on that hopefully all the fun isn’t over just yet. But for a person being in their early 30s, or even younger, I must be an old geezer, though obviously a geezer with an interesting life. And let me hurry to explain what kind of group I joined. They named themselves  “Yonder Buds” and you can look them up if you just write their name into the search line at FB.
1-Fullscreen capture 2132016 72544 PM
Their main interest is traveling and experiencing nature the best way they can.  And that happens to be my layer of interest as well. Also looks like this group are very nice people, so maybe you want to check them out. There is also a free app one can download to a smart phone (IPhone or Android). The app is containing ons of community-provided content for all kind of trails, roads, attractions and personal experiences. So seems it could fit into an RVers lifestyle.

Back to the header of this posting, I suddenly realized that this guy from Yonder Buds was right on the money. And I also realized that I have to be very thankful for all those great years, and especially to my dear wife Bea who has been accompanying me on this journey through almost 30 years.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I can’t even get any flowers for her, yes nobody sells flowers around here, and chocolate doesn’t work out with her most recent wows of loosing weight. So what can a guy do if none of this is an option?
Well, I figured the next best thing was inviting her for a dance around the living room. The French channel of CBC has this lovely old-style (fits for geezers) music American-Songbook-Style.  Just love that music and we had a great very tight dance. –))) 

DSC_0237 DSC_0244
Valentines Day 2013 Holtville LTVA

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