Thursday, February 11, 2016

Enough, Enough, Enough!

I know it looks pretty but it isn’t funny anymore. It’s enough!
Overnight we got another 6” of the white stuff ON TOP of the foot we had prior to that and yesterday I had to remove all the snow which had BLOWN into our driveway, which took me all but 3hrs. Ad another 1.5hrs today and you have what people would call a good Work-Out. But of course, people in the cities go to a GYM and pay MONEY for excercising which WE get for free. Not even counting the satisfaction of having done something USEFUL. I am just trying to stay positive here.
What came down last night is of the light and fluffy variety, which was relatively easy to shovel, BUT if we get a strong wind BEFORE the snow has solidified, we are gonna get huge snow drifts.

When I get back into the house I am feeling like a wet wipe and have to change T-shirt and what not. But yes, it IS pretty to look at.
1-DSC_0889 1-DSC_0890  1-DSC_0894 1-DSC_08991-DSC_0902
Or what do you think?


  1. Wow-reminds me of my childhood in upstate NY! It is pretty only if you do not have to go out and deal with it:(

  2. The years we owned our homes we had to deal with heavy snow like that. That is what convinced us to get rid of them and move into an apartment. Now our plans are to Fulltime and look at the snow in pictures and on Postcards.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I think it's wonderful! That's what winters are supposed to be like. Wish we'd get a little more!

  4. I looked at the beautiful scenery and shovelled it for over 50 years, now a picture is good enough for me,

  5. You lightweight.....Arrr..Arrr....Looking out my windows for the past 2 months snow....As in 10' ..all I see is snow....That's O.K. up here in Washington..Last year all I saw out my windows was smoke and thankfully firetrucks and crews........
    Take Care,

  6. P.S. Some of the crews were from Australia and New Zealand...Their 1st time in the U.S. and they are protecting my home.....Great folks and fun to talk to..Maybe I can sell them my place when I'm not so...Flexible?
    They loved the Pacific N.W. and the Cascades.....


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