Monday, June 8, 2015

Through Saskatchewan (Day 1+2)

I got home from my last charter at around midnight and had slept 6hrs. when I woke up shortly before 6am. After kinda finding out where I was (feeling dazed) I let out Molly and made coffee. It was going to be another long day. 
Molly ready to go.
First we had to pack the last stuff, Bea was busy cleaning the rig and I was collecting lose items stored outside. Then we had to drive to town to get the other van back from where we had parked it after our sightseeing van had received a new AC-unit.
Next thing was dumping the trailer at the near-by RV park. 

Beaver House in a slough
Ukrainian Village along Highway 16 (Trans Canada)

At around 12noon we said Good By to our friend and headed out into traffic. Our goal was the Pike Lake Prov.Park at Saskatoon,SK. It's over 500 clicks away and with cruise control engaged we settled into a leisurely driving mode. 

Old and New - Agriculture and Oil at Lloydminster

Red Poles marking the Alberta/Saskatchewan border in Lloydminster

There is no point in rushing down the highway if you have to go that far. We stopped for a McWrap at Lloydminster and an ice cream in another place farther down the highway. Carol, our friend was waiting with supper and since the weather was incredibly warm we ate on her deck overlooking Pike Lake.
For us it was a key experience. After being part of the constant noisy big-city-rush, the peace and quiet with song bird entertainment was so beautiful that it all-of-a-sudden became clear to us how much we had really missed it.

When the clock struck 10pm we were both ready to hit the sack. I fell into a deep sleep but woke up at 5am of being way too hot. 

And the day got hot again real quick. Predicted temps are in the high 80s (31C) Carol prepared a gorgeous breakfast and again we were having it on her deck, breathing the peace of this great place.

Tomorrow we will be heading on into North Dakota seeing more friends. 


  1. Safe travels and hopefully the temps will go down as you get further east.

  2. Have a great trip, we are heading to Nova Scotia and beyond in a few days:)

  3. Thank you for the offer to visit, We are going with a Winnebago tour, so our travel itinerary is pretty much fixed:(

  4. And here in the US southwest, I'm looking for my sweater.

    Do you find that spammers' comments get through Google's trap? I do get spammer wannabes sometimes, but the trap almost always keeps them out.

    1. Spammers have smartened up as they use their own google accounts to get through. But there are not very many of far.

  5. Looks like a nice journey, enjoy the sights and travel safe.

  6. Happy Travels,we have to get together one of these days.


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