Friday, June 19, 2015

CAMPOBELLO–Tourism Today And Yesterday

Sure, it is a long, long time ago since Campobello was a luxurious tourist resort.
1-DSC_0519Campobello around 1900, large open fields where forest has grown up today

Rich families from New England came to this island in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the Roosevelts were only one of these families making Campobello their favorite summer residence.
1-DSC_0520-002                         Tyn-y-coed and Tyn-y-maes Hotels

And even though the large hotels are long gone, they got a place in our local history. When they were dismantled high-quality materials were recycled into private residences.
1-DSC_0520-001                       Historic ferry between Campobello and Lubec,ME

But isn’t there a beginning renaissance of a new life on Campobello? Aren’t there new generations of visitors coming to discover a lost paradise?
1-DSC_0520-003                          Old dock beneath Roosevelt Cottage (far right)
1-DSC_0521Map of southern part of Campobello showing Roosevelt Park and Provincial Park areas.

For years the Roosevelt International Park and the historic Head Harbour Light Station have been the main attractions and they are still attracting thousands of visitors every summer. But islanders have not been resting on their throne.
New enterprises have been seeing the light of day.
1-DSC_0532   1-DSC_0533
One of the newest attractions is “Jocie’s Porch”.
It started out as a coffee- and teahouse. Coffee is actually made here from raw coffee beans, roasted to make a full aromatic coffee you will not find anywhere else in any coffee house around the world. “Porch Coffee” simply is the best.
1-DSC_0526-001            Eastern view from International Bridge towards Lubec shoreline

But of course the place offers other delicacies as well, as f.ex. home-made cakes and pastries and something called “Friars Bay Fog”. We do not know what this is made of other than some tea is involved. It’s a trade secret you have to try out yourself.
Every Friday Jocie’s Porch arranges for Java + Jam. Local musicians and folk who like to sing or play an instrument are gathering here to entertain a crowd of island enthusiasts for 2hours of social togetherness. And the crowd is International, with Americans from several States and Canadians from several Provinces. Tonight we saw license plates from Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, even Colorado and Arizona.
1-DSC_0534                                        Owners Angela and Bobby

1-DSC_0535                                Friday crowd listening to local musicians

It’s informal and you go in whatever you just walk in. Owner Bobby and his mother Angela are taking care of you and after a few minutes you feel like you never belonged anywhere else. The place offers also wireless internet which is a great thing on Campobello for visitors as also locals who like to come browsing the net and checking their email.

1-DSC_0537  1-DSC_0541
If you just want to sit around for a few morning- or afternoon hours and read a book (they offer an interesting library as well) you can just hunker down on the porch having your favorite brew of coffee or tea.


  1. One day I hope to travel to your island and visit all these wonderful places you share with us, your readers.

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  3. Such interesting history of a lovely place to spend the summer, enjoy !

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