Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Last 14 Hours of Day 7

1-DSC_0482                                  HOME!
Starting in Danville, PA we went back on the road right around 6:30am. Our plan was 2 hrs. driving 2hrs sleeping in the van.
1-DSC_0434Yes, we had made room on the front bench so a person could actually sleep quite comfortably (spoon-style) while the other was driving.
1-DSC_0362We pretty much kept going like that through the entire day and I must say it made a difference. Whenever one of us took over driving again we felt quite rested and fit for another 2hrs.
1-DSC_0369 1-DSC_0373
While it was still very hot and muggy in Danville it changed a lot as we climbed up in elevation and got into the State of New York. Weather stayed pleasant all day long and we relished the much drier air we could breathe now.
I really understand why so many people are driving north in the summer.
1-DSC_0398 1-DSC_0401 1-DSC_04181-DSC_0403
New Hampshire is also selling Lottery tickets and Alcohol along the highway. It would make for a good reason to call the cops in our former country of residence, NORWAY, where it would spark a National outrage.
Towards the end of the day we noticed Molly getting a bit restless and we felt it too: It was time to end this trip and get home for a long rest. This was day 7 afterall and we all were getting tired of being on a constant move.
1-DSC_0476 1-DSC_0478
We still had to get by the city of Boston and with this being a Saturday I-495 turned out to be a real challenge for our patience. The 6-lane highway was clogged with cars and more were entering at every access ramp.
1-DSC_0395 1-DSC_0396
But finally even that lay behind us and when we crossed from New Hampshire into Maine the highway cleared. The air was full of intensive pine scent and we knew that we would be home very soon.
1-DSC_0447                               Empty: Maine Coastal Hwy 1
Travelling through Maine is the kind of experience any vehicle could relish. It is you and the road and the seemingly endless highway through green forests. We were both thinking of what difference this was compared to the hectic, stinking traffic and polluted air in Edmonton.
1-DSC_0491 1-DSC_0493
After a short shopping stop at Wally World in Ellsworth we another 3hrs to our home base.

Passing our customs office on Campobello proved to be the same friendly meeting as we are used to. The officer could hardly believe it when he heard we been driving all the way from Alberta. It’s just not what most people would be doing, so it seems.

Arriving at our house was like a party, a joyful reunion with the past. And not only for us but for Molly also. Even though it was dark by now, Molly inspected the place and came back with an old bone, she had dropped last year. Molly is one big happy here and so are we.
1-DSC_0485 1-DSC_0509
We just flipped on the breakers for power and went to bed.

Most of the work of emptying our van was done this morning. I could hardly believe how much stuff we had been traveling with. It seemed like we could fill up the entire house with it. But as things were put back where they belonged everything got back to order.

And then in the afternoon we got a bad message from Edmonton. Our friend there told us that a storm had brought down a big branch from a nearby tree where our trailer is parked and landed against the rear wall of our trailer, breaking through the material leaving a gaping hole above the rear window.
How we are going to get this fixed is still unclear.

Now, that this trip is over we thank you for following us along.
Other postings about Island living might come along shortly.


  1. At least you are home and settled , too bad about your trailer, hope you can get it repaired without having to return.
    Good Luck.

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